Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back. Sort of.

Well, here I am. In glasses, but back nonetheless. Today was my first day wearing normal glasses all day - instead of being shrouded behind dark sunglasses and a hat. Seems to be going alright.

They still don't know what it was, exactly. Nothing showed up on the cultures on my eye, and while they found some bacteria on my lens case, my doc says he can only guesstimate from that - it can't be anything conclusive. But whatever. I'm feeling better and there's talk of a return of the contacts SOMEday, so I'm happy. Really the only annoyng thng left is the fact that my eyesight in said eye isn't so good, leaving half my world quite blurry, but no one can fix that until I'm all healed up and we can see if it's permanent. THat and the myriad of drops every two hours and the three o' clock check-in every night. But, you know, again - whatever. It doesn't hurt anymore and that's really all I care about.

It was awful, and I'm sure I'll post more soon - but I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know I'm on the up and up. My parents' visit was nice, though lacking lot on a scale of the stuff they wanted to do thanks to my eye troubles. But it was great to see them and have them here nonetheless.

AND they got us a new AMAZING kickass digital camera, so you know, tons of pictures to come. :)


Jen Balmer said...

Welcome to the world of the semi-sighted!

Do you have sexy cat-eye glasses? We could bedazzle them if you want. Then you could whip them off and throw your hair around. Sam would love it. Let me know.. ;)

~m said...

no, but i might have to GET some now!

i *have* always wanted to bedazzle something . . .

jamie said...

yay glasses!

boo infection!