Sunday, July 16, 2006

Be Back Soon

I have developed a staph infection in theulcer on the cornea of my eye. We find out the specifics of cuase, cue ect. Monday when my culutres come back to the doctor from Friday. Spent the last week being shuffled around (THAT is a whole entry coming) and have finally found a specialist that seems to know his shit. He also DOES NOT take our insurance. Needles to say things here could be better. BUT they're getting better all the time, obviously, as I can now look at the keyboard of my computer with both eyes. Very exciting.

Sam gets the award for BEST.EVER.EVERYTHING. for taking such wonderful care of me. There have been more than one occassions in which I have cried and squirmed and sobbed with pain and he's not once been anyhting but wonderfully supportive.

As soon as I can I'll write a real entry soon, i promise. It will more than likely be a hate letter addressed to Fromer Eye Center, the docotrs that dicked me around all last week.

And PS, feel free to leave comments on how sexy you think girls who wear glasses are. Looks like that's probably me from now on. *Sigh*

See? You know I'm okay when my greatest pain NOW is my hurt vanity,


Leslie said...

I hope you are feeling better baby!!!! Keep us updated.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Fear not, sexy lady. If I wear glasses and I'm hot, just imagine the traffic YOU'LL stop!

Jen "Hottest Librarian Ever" Balmer

~m said...

ha. you guys are awesome. jen, you rock. god bless the internet for giving me a way to get to know you! i've officialloy becme a huge fan of the "balm squad"!

Jamie said...

Repeat after me:
I heart my glasses.
I do NOT look nerdy.
I DO look hot.

What you have, I didn't even know was possible. Ouch! Feel better soon!