Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Turn it up! Bring tha noize!

Guest blog'n Sweet Sammy style...

Yo peeps, I'm black is back, all in, and if you stick wit me we're all gonna win. Ok, enough PE fo' now.

This past weekend kicked our collective asses. I got to live my dream of covering the Mets and my beautiful wife and I rock'd it out Sunday after Mist, Leewee and I destroy'd Friday night.

- Two days of all-access to Shea Stadium and the NY Mets.
- Interviews with several Mets players (David Wright, Xavier Nady, Billy Wagner, Chris Woodward...) and several Mets Execs.
- Watch part of two games in a series where the Mets beat the Braves.
- Ate like the GODS courtesy of Misty... Chicken Caprasi, OMG, Chicken Caprasi. Sooooooo goooooood!
- Buddy Dave and I go out like Irish Rock Stars courtesy of The GAF and countless pints of brew.
- Public Enemy Concert, hosted by Ice-T.

Amazing weekend. I'm helping to produce a Mets special for WB11 that will air the night of the first Subway Series game this year... which I'm missing... that's right Carrie, THAT'S how much I love you. But anyway, it's been a blast, got to play sports journalist for a few days and get full access to Shea, on two gamedays which rules. The Public Enemy concert was amazing, Chuck D is still one of the best rappers out there and there's no experience quite like Flava Flave. I guess all that's left to be said is...



~m said...

For those of you wonderign, it was chicken caprese. We kept seeing adds for it from Olive Garden an dI decided to make it myself.

As for Sam and his weekend? Five words.

Kid. In. A. Candy. Shop.

cgilch78 said...

Why don't you meet me in SA in say, oh, how about a week and a half and I will show you what a good time is really all about.