Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have a million things to write about the trip back. A thousand thoughts on Kansas and friends and family. But for now, I'll just update you via pics on what was a FANTASTIC weekend. And you know, show you what I wore - I know you're all dying to see. ;)

First - we got to hang out with these hooligans and it was fantastic.

They were wedding rockstars, running errands and anwering the call of duty in an awesome fashion. And then they still managed to totally stay up til all hours chatting with us. I think some of my favorite times have been spent on the Gilchrists' back porch.

Sam asked if I missed Salina as we drove out and I could honestly say no. Just the people, and the fact that Salina symbolizes - in my head - that magical time when we were all in one place; full of hope and plans for great futures. It's nice to go back knowing all our dreams weren't as impossible as people told us then.

Whenever we go back and see family Sam is the quintessential pied piper. It's fun to see the kids flock to him, and I gladly take a seat at the next table so they can sit near him. The kids in this family are FANTASTIC. And absolutely adorable. I spent all weekend telling people I was ready to box them all up and sell the cuteness.

The wedding and reception were awesome. All the kids partook quite extravagantly in the punch and I love that there's a certain point in all the pics I've seen where they all have punch mouth - just like this:

And for those of you wondering if the self-centeredness of this blog has let up - the answer is, of course, no. Here's me before the wedding in the first picture taken of me I like since MY wedding:

And here's the cutest pic of Sam and Challey enjoying a dance: (Notice, punch-mouth still in full effect.)

We even got in a game of whiffle ball at one point, which was fab. Sam and Joe stayed up til the early hours after the wedding playing All-Star Baseball, of course. But in my opinion nothing beats a good family game of the real thing. Or well, the real thing involving paper plate bases, styrofoam bats and coaches under the age of 8.

And, of course - the whole reason the weekend was wonderful. The people there in that picture below. I think I'm as in love with all of them as I am with Sam, or at least ridiculously close. I feel SO BLESSED to call these people family. I kept looking around this weekend in just shock as to how lucky I am. It was really amazing to get to spend a couple days with them.

They've truly made Kansas "home" again for me.


cgilch78 said...

We had an amazing weekend with everyone. My only question is 'when is the next party?' Maybe we need to plan it?

Laura said...

As mom to two of Sam's all-time greatest fans, I have to say that we all had a wonderful weekend marrying off more cousins, dancing and playing whiffle ball.

The Hagen/Gilchrist/Bell/Stiers/Becker/(Mike's last name here??) contingent is the best. I love hanging with you, shall we say, slightly younger folks. And you don't judge me because I danced to "She's A Brick...(grunt)...House" first in high school.

Misty, you are never at the next table...we just always have to add chairs. You now are the Co-Pied Piper, don't you know?

We love you guys!


Mom said...

Every time I get together with my family I have the greatest time. And every addition to the family has made it better and better.

The next party is in October. Leslie's 30th at Disneyworld. Ask her for details. Ya All Come!

Anonymous said...

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