Wednesday, August 12, 2009

IM I sent Sam just now

"so yesterday some weird indian lady in a yellow sari and with a red stone nose ring followed me around (or coincidentaly was where i was all afternoon) and it freaked me out and i had all these horrible thoughts about her trying to take maire
and how i would possibly kill her if she tried
and i thought up how hard it would be to in fact kill her what with maire asleep on my chest but that I was pretty sure i could do it
and i was going to call you and warn you about it this morning
so you could see if she was hanging out around the apt or daycare
but that seemed paranoid and i figured you could for sure kill her so i didn't call"

welcome to my life, ya'll.


Leslie Amick said...

Amazing! I literally laughed out loud. You are awesome and I love you!

Brandi said...

Oh my God. Are we related? I do the same goddamn thing.