Sunday, March 08, 2009

Seven Months


Wow. How did this happen? It's been over half a year now, officially. And yet, when your Daddy and I looked at each other at 5:15, remembering how you cuddled on my chest, how you stopped crying when you heard his voice... it was obvious we both felt like it's been since just yesterday.

I'm eternally amazed at what you can do and how you act. You took your first international trip this past weekend and were a trooper the whole way through. (Even when we go stuck on the tarmac on 90 degree-plus weather and you simply fussed for only ten minutes of the over two hours we sat there.)

You are eternally happy and good natured. It makes me proud. Your smiles are infectious no matter where we go, and it seems even on the most tired, long of days its impossible to be even the least bit grumpy around you. You radiate joy.

Your talking more now, and you sing to yourself when you're tired. And you're DYING to walk. Dear lord. You constantly want nothing of sitting down or being still. Not when there's exploring and walking and dancing to do. I don't blame you. Our nightly dance parties are my favorite time of day.

I could spend my days watching you sleep and be eternally happy. In fact, it wasn't long ago I did just that. But now, now you've brought a new kind of joy I can't explain. I wake up every day looking forward to the surprises you will bring. Every day is something new. A new sound, a new game. Every day being with you is just that much better than the last. It feels as if we're living a dream.

You got your first Mets hat this month. A new era begins. :)

Your Daddy could not have looked prouder in the store when he put it on you and you smiled so very big.

I think you were excited to have something just like his. You are SO a Daddy's girl. He makes you smile and can calm you like no one else (myself, I grudgingly admit, included). But we have our moments too. My favorite is when we take turns laughing. Oh, my heart. It may burst yet.

If it isn't from your incessant crazy giggling, it might be from the sheer joy you take from sweet potatoes, pears and apples...

(honestly, there really is joy in there somewhere...)

We love you fiercely, Bug. Love you. Love you. Love you. Just when your Daddy and I think we can't have more happiness and love in our life, a new day begins. A new day with you.

You are our joy.

But you are still, and always will be, my little lovely baby.


Jamie said...

The Mets hat pic is melting my brain with its cuteness! Also, Misty your hair looks FAB!

Brandi said...

Can't freaking stand the cuteness. And I agree with Misty on the hair. I've gotta get me to a hairdressery!

Leslie Amick said...

Oh, you sure are a BEAUTY Samaire! We love you so much,

Little Aunt Leslie, Uncle Andy, and Adaela E.