Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maire's First St. Paddy's Day

(the one where I forgot all three of our various cameras and had to use my phone, which is decidedly not Maire-proof as she's CONSTANTLY moving and was SO.EXCITED. ALL.NIGHT.)

This is my attempt to get Maire in her ADORABLE dress my parent's got her. She didn't' wear it to school because we were taking Daddy out to a fancy Irish beer-tasting dinner and she hadn't pooped in two days. This is how I plan my life.

It was impossible to get a good shot. She was dancing and laughing and having a GREAT time. She looked precious, I have to say. All the way there (we met Sam at work and walked to Rockefeller Center, where the dinner was) people actually stopped and pointed at her and exclaimed "how cute!". I was beaming and so was she.

She got to eat her dinner at the fancy restaurant too. It was her first time in a high chair that wasn't her own. She was awesome. We were there for over two hours and she fussed not once. However, try to capture this good behavior on film, or at least on Palm and you're done. No ways. But trust me. Awesome baby. I'm so glad she loves us like this. We drag this kid EVERYwhere. She's a pro.

These are just a gratuitous shots of her being happy and adorable.


And, doing her quarter-Irish heritage proud, she celebrated this great day 'til she collapsed. She fell asleep on the way home and didn't so much as stir even slightly awake as I undressed her for bed. She woke up this morning with a smile on her face and a look that beamed "let's do it again!"

P.S. Katy, this is the hoodie you got her. She wears it all the time now. We miss you!


Brandi said...

Oh dear lord, help me please. I'm getting eye diabetes with all this sweetness. Yes, that's right. Diabetes of the eye.

And I totally understand the planning for poop.

Katy said...

This kid is so f-ing cute! Miss you guys.