Thursday, December 04, 2008

nothin' to say ... too tired

Photos from our week-long Kansas adventure soon, alas, right now both babe and mama are sick with wicked congestion. We are coughing and sniffling together, and shall live. But moments as this one are rare and fleeting, as I'm now on full cuddle-mode with the puppy.

In news of the good, however, it's Christmas in the city. My favorite time of year. (The plan is to leave the apartment this weekend (at last!) and see some of it. Wish for clear noses so we can do just that.

And, until the latest post-apocalyptic sinus infection/crazy awful cold - the babe could sit up all on her own! I have a feeling she still can, but haven't seen evidence between the whimpers and cries.

Lastly - caring for a sick bay is at once heartbreaking and endearing. I have never seen her be so sad so consistently, and it breaks my heart. But, true to form - she still tries so hard to be happy - cooing and laughing for her daddy when he comes home. And the snuggling. Oh, the snuggling! *sigh* I just wish it were under better circumstances.

Love you all! Miss you already - the Sniffling Stiers Girls

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