Saturday, June 07, 2008

pregnancy photo

'Cause you asked. :)

I'll try to get a better one tomorrow, had to take this one myself.

I worked on our "nursery" today. Basically the corner of our room we've dedicated to the baby. Sam has built the crib, and we hung the mosquito net over it. (We have a wicked mosquito problem in the summer, thanks to the garden.) Today, I sewed branches and white flowers around the top of the netting, and jimmy-rigged a "skirt" to go around the bottom of the crib so we coudl store the stroller seat there without it looking all tacky and crowded.

All we need to do now is hang this super-cool tree sticker our friends May and Christian got us on the wall and that should be pretty much together. (I'll take pics then, so you can see it all at once.)

And I roasted a turkey.

Ha. So domestic!I was left to amuse myself most of the afternoon. Tonya and Travis (Sam's cousins) are here and wanted to go down to the lower east side for pastrami from Katz's Deli - and while I would have loved to go, it was 95 degrees out. And there's really nothing there for me to eat. I had planned on meeting them later, but they stopped in Union Square (and I think sort of forgot about me as they watched the Mates game in the bar) - so I never quite caught up with them.

Tomorrow, though, we're headed to the Yankee/Royals game and then to Churrascaria (awesome Brazilian restaurant in our 'hood), so hopefully we'll get some good pics then.


Anonymous said...

You look AMAZING! I want to see you!!! I hope the royals won!!!

Leslie said...

THat was Leslie & Adaela

Jamie said...

Eeee! Squee! I just passed out from the awesomeness of pregnant you!

Aaah! Can't wait to see you soon!

~m said...

I wish you could be here NOW!Tho it would probably not be very exciting . . . I'm so excited you get to meet Samaire so soon!

Giddy excited!!

Jen said...

You look beautiful, mama. Smooches.

Laurie said...

You look great. I am so excited for you and Sam. I am now in DE and hope we make a trip to NY very soon.