Monday, June 09, 2008

My Job and, um, Baseball ...

So I find myself surrounded by young designers all of a sudden. Interviewing them, mentoring them (our interns), combing through their work, helping designers in other offices field design questions and basic corporate craziness . . .

And it has given me pause. I recognize the influence I can choose to have on them: on the team we're beginning to build. I say "choose" because it would be just as easy to perform my tasks, be their manager, and leave it at that. But I know what it's like to have a kick ass manager. Someone who inspires you - who pushes you for better work, and by example shows you what true advocacy and professionalism is. (Hi, Joyce!)

And that's what I want to do for the team I'm building. I want to fuel inspiration and daring. To build confidence. I want, despite crazy deadlines, finicky clients and long hours, for the people who work with me to be able to look up and say "but I still really love what I do - this is good work." To never forget what brought them here to begin with.

And, in accordance with being married to Sam Stiers - I can actually point to something I read today about baseball and say it actually inspired me.

Floyd typically doesn’t carry teams, nor is he the best player, however there is something about his presence which Hollander sums up the best by stating:

“You can’t measure a conversation that instructs or motivates or takes pressure off. You can’t quantify a well timed joke that eases tension in the clubhouse. Or a look that reassures. Or a skillful deflection of the media away from a player who can’t handle it. Or a million other little things that go into the relationships that are bonded over the course of season together. These are the human qualities that elude objective statistical analysis. But they’re crucial to creating a winning team. In order to win, especially to win a championship, it’s not simply about being the best player but about making other teammates play better.”

Who knew? Sam was right on the money when he said I want to be "the Cliff Floyd of marketing."

(taken a couple years ago when Sam took me along on a job assignment at Shea...)

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SS said...

And to think... we could be friends with that guy!!! Or married to him! ha. I miss Cliffy.