Friday, May 16, 2008


Ignore the crazy eyes, we hadn't seen each other in a month, had just walked through pouring rain, and were having TONS of people (my former co-workers, all) ask us every question imaginable about being pregnant and babies. While feeling our tummies.

I hate this pic of me, PS, but you guys have been asking - and so here you are: pics of me looking pregnant (with one of my dearest friends in the city - due within 24 hours of each other).


Jan said...

I LOVE the crazy eyes, deer caught in the headlights look. Kind of makes you look like you're saying "Oops, apparently I'm pregnant. How in the world did that happen?"

And of course, you look fabulous with you baby belly. I hope you feel as great as you look!!

Jamie said...

You look heavenly.