Tuesday, May 20, 2008

100 miles to go... I wanted to be sedated

Did the Montauk century ride this past Sunday with some buddies and had a blast. Basically rode the length of Long Island to the town of Montauk, which lies at the very end. The weather was perfect and the ride was amazing. They had rest stops every 25 miles or so that were loaded with all you could eat and drink and trust me when I say I ate... and ate... and ate. At the last rest stop they even had a Mr. Softy Ice Cream truck that was giving away free goodies to any rider that wanted one.

The 5BBC put on the ride and I highly recommend it to anyone. As tired as I am and as sore as my right knee is/was it was worth every ache. The route is amazing taking you through the richervilles known as the Hamptons and then through the beautiful seaside of Hither Hills State Park. Doing it again next year to those interested, we finished in the top 1/3 of riders, next year we'll try to keep up with the B riders (A level being the best, not being that ambitious).

The final stats were as follows:
Distance: 110 miles (had some before and after the 100 mile course.
Time on bike: 6 hours 40 minutes
Avg. speed: 15.5 mph
Calories burned: 5500 give or take


~m said...

so proud!!!

Jamie said...

I read this last night right before I went to bed, and then I dreamed you called me and made me train to do it with you next year and I was crying because you had an awesome bike and I had my 10 speed from ninth grade...weird!

Aside from that, congrats! That is really an amazing accomplishment!

Jamie said...

Oooh, almost forgot, Joey Buttafuco was also in that same dream?

Good Lord...what does it all MEAN?!

SS said...

Wow, me, you and Joey Buttafuco on Long Island... This has Lifetime movie written all over it. Do I even want to know what Buttafuco was doing?

Skye said...

My hero! I couldn't even complain after PowerYoga yesterday because I was like, "jeeze, it's not like I just biked 100 freaking miles so I'm just gonna shut UP".

Congrats, man