Friday, April 13, 2007

25 Things

My friend, Jen, just started her own official blogger page. (Well, not *just* - I was late to the game as I never check myspace. But I just did and she listed her new blog and, well, all this rambling is basically me saying "yay! jen! welcome!)

Someone should fine me for how I just typed all that out up there. *sigh*

ANYway. As I was catching up on Jen's entries I noticed she did a list about herself, and I loved reading it as I'm just getting to know her, and think she's the coolest. It was fun learning new stuff about her. I figured maybe it'd be fun to make my own list. And so I shall - because a blog is nothing but self-indulgent, right? Here we go.

25 Things About Me

  • I'm an incredibly loyal, yet sadly often-absent friend. I hate the phone with a passion, and sometimes refuse to answer its ring for days.

  • I hate tomatoes and refuse to eat them. I will spend inordinate amounts of time picking them out of my food. However, I love bruchetta, salsa and ketsup.

  • I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I only lived there two years. I have always instinctively thought of the ocean as home.

  • I cannot stand the mere thought, let alone actual sight of, the insides of eyes. So much so that I have never put my contacts in anywhere near a mirror. It skeezes me out.

  • I have two modes: excessively compulsively clean or total slob.

  • My talent is art and design. I firmly believe this a just a skill anyone can learn. I just got lucky with natural instinct.

  • I have always and will always wish I had a musical talent. I want nothing in the world more than to be able to sing. Well.

  • I'm thinking of taking Irish fiddle courses this fall. Or Gaelic. Or step class. I want to prove to myself I can learn something new.

  • I'm a good dancer. A better cook. A decent horse-rider.

  • I want to dye my hair purple, for reals.

  • My favorite dessert of all time is slow-churned vanilla bean ice cream with Hershey's chocolate syrup. Hands down, by miles. Nothing fancy for me.

  • I always cry after the first act. The one time I didn't - I walked out of the show.

  • I have a secret wish to write a book someday and have it published.

  • I compulsively use the semi-colon. I have no real grammatical and editorial knowledge at all.

  • I feel like I should long for a house in the suburbs with a yard. I really just want a two-bedroom on the Hudson.

  • I always cry after someone sings the national anthem. No matter how angry I am with the government.

  • If we have a boy I want to name him Wylie after my grandfather. A girl, after "Jack" from Jack and the Beanstalk. I want them to have a strong, interesting names. I will not ever call her "Jackie."

  • I devour books like water. When I'm not engrossed in one, I feel off kilter. When I find a good one I'm hard pressed to do anything but finish it.

  • I get sick, on average, once a week. I get horribly angry at people who take their health for granted. This often means getting angry at myself. I'm trying to be better about this.

  • I won't eat red meat, except for McDonald's cheeseburgers and chicken fried steak sandwiches. Both of which I crave fairly regularly.

  • I want to be brave and adventurous. In reality, I'm a huge scaredy cat.

  • I've met a presidential candidate, a Russian tycoon, and Jay-Z. One of them thought I was hot and said so.

  • I don't believe I'll ever not feel like the awkward, nerdy, uncool 12 year old I once was.

  • I can watch the world pass for hours and never get bored.

  • The best decision I ever made was to invite this man to come on up and see me sometime in New York City, the night before I moved there.


Jamie said...

Couple things: First, you are really rockin' the purple makes you eyes really pop. Second, I just learned some new stuff about you. That was cool. Third, it warmed my heart to remember your tomato hate/love. My best memory of that is getting free food at Wendy's when Jason Cochran worked there and you being like, "I don't care if it is free. If it has tomato goo on it I am so not eating it." And Melissa feeling the same way about lettuce(lettuce?!)

Good times.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessin' it wasn't Bob Dole who told you that you were hot. Although I'm sure he thought you were, I doubt he wanted to piss Elizabeth off.

Karen said...

That wig ROCKS! love it, it is perfect!


~m said...

Ha. Nope, it was Jay-Z, he works in my building.

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, it sure is a great way to end a weekend by catching up on a blog where you are featured.

Gracias, mi amiga. Love the 25 things. It reminded me I totally forgot to mention I am utterly repulsed to my core by onions.

Hope things are well in NYC, we miss you!