Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Three day weekend

I lay there, staring out the window, watching the giant flakes dance outside overtop what I couldn't see from where I was - giant, overwhelming beautiful waterfalls. Waterfalls filled with snow and ice. Covered in mist.

Curled up next to him I listened to him talk, listened to his heart beat. I thought, "I want to remember this - this moment, who we are. How we dream. What we are together." And right then I wished that he'd outlive me, because I cannot imagine my life without him, without our times spent together filling it up. I cannot imagine not having this, this moment and all the others we share all tied together: defining my time, my life, my home.

The sky was pricked with stars, the moon hung just so, and we had it so good. So lovely. So simply. There were no deadlines and obligations. No work or school or chores. It was just him and me. Just a boy, telling his girl a story about oceans and whales and desert islands as winter swirled and swam outside. And there was no place in the world I'd have rather been.

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