Monday, February 12, 2007


This is Sam, stepping in for a moment to tell you about THE MEAT KING and his wonderful meats!

Misty's cousin Kathy (sweet, beautiful and super cool) and her awesome husband Fred met us the day before we went cruis'n for dinner and general good times... anyway, Fred's the Meat King and he delivered! Kathy handed off 8 or so amazing steaks to us at the airport before we flew back and I had one tonight and it was magical... OH THE MEAT! So tender and juicy and flavorfull.

Thank you Kathy and Fred!

Misty's in Miami kicking butt at her job. She left me alone to eat red meat and drink beer... but I miss my wife and wish she was here to enjoy it with me.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled bloggings...

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Jamie said...

No one appreciates a big piece of meat like Samuel Henry Stiers (who is himself quite the piece of meat.)