Monday, January 08, 2007

General Jackassery

The fact I love my husband in copious amounts is pretty obvious on this blog. Also, the fact he in turn is gracious enough to love me BACK, is also pretty obvious.

I was thinking you might want to know that, in fact, sure - we're one of those couples. We hold hands under the table, I take his arm when we walk. When my feet hurt he carries me. When he's watching the game, I get him beer. Sometimes, for no reason (right flat out in public!) we kiss.

I know. I can barely stand us too.

But what really makes us work, I think, is the fact that we're both absolute jackasses sometimes.

And it makes us laugh.

People, there's A. LOT. of LAUGHING.

A lot.

Like fr'instance when we decided me pretending to lick this pole as if it were actual candy (ha! get it?!) seemed like a good idea. And I sort of "lost focus" while Sam set up the perfect shot and ACTUALLY TOUCHED THE POLE WITH MY TONGUE. You know. The pole. In New York City. With my tongue.


He still kissed me. And if that ain't true love? Well, my poppets, I just don't know what is.


Leslie said...

I have to say "Jackassery" is my new favorite word. I love you and I miss you so much.

~m said...

We miss you, too! Let's plan a weekend! Soon!