Friday, December 15, 2006


A carol that brought tears to my eyes.

""I knew everybody was playing fantastically," Taylor (the trumpet player) said -- but the feeling grew when he saw how the scene was constructed from the sweet and somehow triumphant combination of the musical arrangement, the dignity of the musicians themselves, the falling fake snow and the pictures of home."

Watch it here.

Read the story here.

Download it here.

There is so much sadness still in our world, but I hold onto the hope this season brings. The hope a simple song can bring; a small act, an attentive moment.

May we all greet the holiday season and this next year determined to make these small acts build to something greater.



SS said...

Great song, great version. Brings a ray of hope to even an old Pandemic lover like myself.

Leslie said...

I saw that and got teary too! Happy Holidays!! We love you and miss you!

Aunt Judy said...

Thank you Misty, the New Orleans Jazz is a lovely gift. It is deeply moving.
And by the way, my precious little pagan, you and Sam are going to make absolutey incredible parents.
I love you dearly.