Saturday, November 18, 2006

New York in the Autumn

People say when they visit that New York makes them tired, that there's a pace about the city that's unrelenting. We are, after all, the city that never sleeps. But, when you live here it's much, much different. There are places in this city that are unerringly quiet, beautiful and serene.

You just have to seek them out.

This city and I, we have our problems. Like anywhere I've ever lived, there are things I'd like to change. But, unlike anywhere else I've lived - this has become home on a level I cannot explain. My heart is here. Among the bustle and crowds; up at the rooftops and pointed skyscrapers, down among the trash and cracked cement. Sam and I have made this home, and, wonderfully we have the most amazing and wonderous backyard ever - don't ever pity us for living in the city and all it's robbed us of green and nature's loveliness.

We have it in abundance, just in our own way. And a bit of me believes it makes all the beauty and wonder of every season all that more spectacular.

And, Les, if I could package this up and ship it to you, please know I would in a second . . . )

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Leslie said...

Ohh! You are so sweet. I wish you could send some my way too and I will ship you some sunshine, 86 degree weather, and beach :)

We love you!