Thursday, November 09, 2006

Geography and Genes

I believe that we are all inclined to live among certain geographic circumstances. I believe there are places on this earth that draw upon our very make-up; that exist within us as well as without. That it is in these places we find our most natural home.

Not our only home, mind you. But those places in this world that call to us on a very primal level, that don't demand compromise of a very basic comfort level. These places are those places where you breathe easier, where you open your arms and take in the wind, sun, and sky around you - where there is no you and it. Just, well, there.

I also believe that this geogrpahy that exisits in us on this very basic level defines us in a very real and deep way.

I am a girl of the sea. In my heart I am most at peace with the sound of wind and water nearby. When I stand at the shore, smelling in the salt and bowing before the awesome power and grace of the water I am at home in a very tangible way. I can't explain it, but I can say I will spend my life running from the car - my shoes flying off and my skirt hitched up, to the surf and stand; watching, waiting, breathing. Being.

I am moody and tiresome. I am loyal and constant, while often being caught unabashedly and unexpectedly acting harsh and demanding. I will as easily support you in your travels, as desperately try to pull you out to join mine. I am indescribably tied to the moon, and will reach up with all I have to her turns.

I have the ocean in my heart. In my bones. I believe it is one of many reasons I love Kansas so. I believe she has the ocean in her heart, too.

Sam, of course, is the mountain to my sea. In more ways than I have words to explain.

I believe that is one of the reasons Kauai captured me so. It's the first time I've seen mountain meet sea . . . where the sea reaches straight up to the foot of the towering rock.

I'll hold that image in my heart forever. The place where the sea meets the mountain.

What geography is embedded in your genes??

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_skye_ said...

Always, as you say, the ocean. But there is still uneasiness in COLD ocean, as Oregon and Seattle are. Like a delicious pie made with a store-bought crust, it's just the smallest amount off.

I am a girl of warm currents, hot breezes, and nothing between my skin and the water. My skin bronze and my hair dreadlocked by drying with salt in a playful breeze. Of bright fish and big waves and my body, buoyant enough to float and be carried to shore but human enough that I always and inevitably sink once the wave’s momentum wanes. I love the feel of me leisurely rising from the ocean like Venus dripping from the sea to lay warm on a blanket, exhausted. And hungry: nothing tastes like food eaten on the beach after playing as hard as I am wont to do.

I am like a cat, here in Denver and living inland, and I always have been: I sleep in late and as often as I can and love to position myself in the sunlight falling through a window. I stretch a lot and though I am terribly active I do move languorously most of the time. The first time the princ3 and I went to the ocean together (Aruba) he was stunned and amazed that I was up with the dawn, up before the dawn even, and out on the beach. I played and walked and frolicked all day and he had to drag me back to the cabana at night! He had never seen me like this. Now he knows what to expect, of course, but I don’t think he understands. Humors, yes, but not understand. There’s a reason we’re in Denver, and I relate to your post in one other way: the princ3 is a mountain, too.