Monday, August 07, 2006

Part Dos

A pic of Sam and my co-workers all singing "Chumba-wumba." I'm purposely not posting clear photos of my fellow xm-ers as it just doesn't seem right to, but I'd like to point out that a majority of those singing are ever so definitely my superiors. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

Karoke was awesome. Christian, May's husband, started it off and then May called Sam out specifically to sing. Ha. I swear to this moment I had nothing to do with it, I toldhim that's what he gets for being so fun.

And after perusing the book FOREVER, trying to talk James into singing "Ebony and Ivory" and being turned down, he finally settled on "Brown Eyed Girl." He was, as always, super sweet and dedicated it to his bride, singing "blue eyed girl" at each turn. I sang back-up on the "sha-la-la's."

We stayed until the restaurant closed us down, and then some. On the way out we saw a spitting carp (well, James and John saw it, but I believe them, mostly) and a strange item hanging from the post in parking lot. I submit item A for your examination:

At first poke, it was determined to be a blowfish of some kind, possibly of the voo-doo variety. John seemed not so keen on this and we walked away quite hurriedly. Sadly, though, we came right back, as there was no way out of said parking lot. Just a locked gate. James braved the voo-doo phenom and it was later determined the original theory was in fact flawed. It was some sort of hedge hog of the stuffed variety.

Though this is the last time I tell this story this way. From now on it's totally a voo-doo blowfish. That's so much more exciting.

So that was our weekend - thanks to May it was one of our best of the summer.

P.S. I don't know why we look so soused in these last pictures. It was WAY before we started drinking . . .

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