Monday, August 07, 2006

May's Wedding

My friend May got married this weekend, thereby beginning MY holiday season.

May's Wedding, Joyce's Wedding in Ireland,
Leslie and Andy visit,we go home to see a K-State game,
Sarah visits for S&M Birthday Bash 2006,
Hawaii, our first anniversary,

and THEN! the real holidays . . .
HalloweenThanksgiving,OMGCHRISTMASNEWYEARS - it keeps going!




So, little to say I've been pretty excited. And, seriously, it was MAY's WEDDING. May and I have been sitting within three unobstructed feet of each other for two years. She listened as I planned my wedding, and offered up opinions and comments and a safe place to vent throughout. Now, we share a cubicle and I watched as she nonchalantly planned and executed hers with a grace only May could accompish.

And it was lovely . . . beautiful, amazing, cool. Sam and I rode with John and James, meeting them in New Jersey. NJ once again showed us WHY GOING THERE IS SUCH A BAD IDEA, by trapping us on the highway and making us late to the ceremony. But! We made it just in time for the vows, which is really the important part anyway, though I'm so sad we missed May coming down the aisle in the beginning. I love that part.

The ceremony was so cool, part in English, the majority in Korean, some Chinese (I think). And the choir! Dear lord. The whole thing was ever so dramatic and lovely. I can't even tell you.

And then there was reception number one, outside the church under these beautiful tents. Next to an even MORE beautiful spread of food. There was everything you could imagine: roast pig, sushi, kim chee (?) and lots and lots of splendid food I could not identify. But no matter! We loaded up our plates!

This is me, thoroughly enjoying my meal. I have no idea what any of it is.

See, no idea what this is. But oh so good!

Of course, Sam thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

May and Christian also had a traditional Korean ceremony, which was just captivating. I took some pictures, but not great ones, as I was too excited and entranced to really concentrate on CAPTURING any of it. . .

But! It was not over! After the Staten Island awesomeness, we piled in cars and headed to Flushing, Queens to continue the partying, all rightful-style; alcohol and all. Again, with the amazing spread of food (the guys all loading up their plates AGAIN with yummy beautiful, unidentifiable tasties - of course, I was the only one who had no idea, I think). There were ice sculptures, smoke, dancing and . . . KAROKE.

Yes, be jealous now. There was karoke, and oh, yes, we sang.

(More to come! This post wil be finished after I attend to, you know, um, work.)


Anonymous said...

Fascinating wedding! And you were lovely as always. Glad you are feeling better.

Aunt Judy

~m said...

You're too kind! And I'm so happy you're reading . . .