Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cronaím Thú hÉireann

So, we're back. I'm working steadily on a new pitch for an exciting client, and IM'ing Sam places I want to go to soon that are all located far far away. And complaining, regularly, that we are home.

Needless to say, I am not ready to be here and had an amazing, wonderful, fantastic time. A time, I know, will be difficult to put words to. (But will, with photos, over the next couple days.) What I can say is that every moment, every second, exceeded my best hopes and most discriminating expectations. I'm still not quite believing that mere days ago I hung out of a castle built thousands of years ago waving to my husband, two stories down. That we entered a sacred space, built 5,000 years ago, still perfectly intact and watched light creep across the rock and spread beneath our feet.

I now understand what color, exactly, emerald green is. And I fear I won't be able to bask in it again until we go back.

The people were friendly and kind. The land lush and rolling. There was a home-ness to it all. A comfort I didn't expect to feel. An "at ease" that was there I'll admit I haven't felt anywhere else. It was at once just like the home I grew up in and the place I have always hoped to find someday.

I can't wait to go back. I can't wait to keep exploring, not just there, but the rest of this awe-striking world we live in. This trip gave me new perspective on what it means to live here: in this country and this city. What it means to be a world citizen, an American . . . me. I found that everyone has that aspect of their history, their government - the perceptions these things project - that makes them talk in hushed tones and sideways glances. That everyone wants you to know, in your heart, the beauty that is their culture, their hills, valleys, beaches and mountains. And for you to forget what you assume, have heard, might think. For you to see their home through their eyes; from their hearts. We are all so very universal. So alike. So human. It filled my heart, fills it now - just thinking on it.

Thank you Ireland. For treating me as if I was home. I missed alot of happenings here in the states while I was with you, and while it may be blasphemous to say out loud, I truly am not sorry for missing a second of them.

I miss you, Ireland. Already.

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