Thursday, June 15, 2006

Second post today - because, well, PIE!

I made blueberry cheesecake this week. I, personally, don't like blueberries - but Sam loves them. I made this a couple years ago to some acclaim and decided to try it again.

Tis' the summer of desserts.

Even better, Stephanie and Tim are here to help Sam conquer the mound of berries I created.

Sam seems to approve. Though it's hard to find food Sam *doesn't* approve of, so I'm never sure how it truly came out. I'll have to ask him how this rates against the tarts from last week.

Demon-Tim the Pie Eater.

Stephanie, who could not have taken a cuter pie-eatting picture.

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SS said...

It's f'n goooooooood!