Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh, little man.

you cant possibly know how close i hold you. how often i whisper "mama loves you" while you sleep. how i count the seconds between your sighs. or how i treasure every single second. you are such a blessing. it all seems too good. too wonderful. too much. more than i deserve.

you've started really looking around now - and nothing excites you more than whatever happens to be you are constantly flinging yourself backwards to see farther up. farther out. and for such a small baby (well, okay - you've grown now into a definitely not-such-a-small one, I admit) you have incredible strength. where is this super power coming from?! how can you possibly be so much stronger than me? i've actually stopped holding you certain ways for fear you'll catapult yourself straight pout of my arms...

but the curiousity is unstoppable. you want to see. you want to touch. you want to be a part. if we're singing (and it happens a lot - you and I sing and dance, and you have regular "jam" sessions with your sister on her guitar, daddy on his harmonica - all of you piled on the bed) your voice raises right along with the rest of us. if there's a conversation across the room, you will strain with everything to be closer...

you are my curious monkey every day you make me thankful i have this time with you.

mama loves you, wylie bear. every second.


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