Thursday, May 28, 2009

New New Mexico Trip (updated from this morning)

More pics to come. But this smirk on her face (who taught her that?!) was too good not to post post haste. Oh, my child. You wreak of attitude and hilarious-ness.

And, HUZZAH! Sam got me the coolest most awesome ring EVAH in Santa Fe. Check out its fabulousness. (And ignore my no make-uped face and bad manicure, pleasethankyouverymuch.It's a sign of how much I love you, Internets, I let you see me this way.)

I love it. It's an awesome, big ol' turquoise ring - with the initials of the man who made it along the inside. It's this amazing green color with gold and brown running through it. Maire thinks its BEEOOOTEEFUL to play with and I think it'll be great for punching in the face the next guy who rear ends us with my baby in the car.

See?! Multi-purpose! Sam is nothing if not a practical gift-giver.


celara said...

love the bow on top of her head.... very sassy!

Jessica said...

I want that ring!!! You have the best stuff :)

Leslie Amick said...

I don't know who Jessica is. That was LESLIE!! Weird!!

~m said...

ha. i had JUST read that - "jessica? wtf do I know that's named jessica?!"


em said...

Best smirk evah!!!

Jamie said...

That ring is gorgeous! And that picture just destroyed me...too adorable :)