Sunday, April 26, 2009


My dearest friend,

Congratulations. You've been a mom for a whole year now. You have made it. More than survived it. I know I am supposed to be wishing Adaela a Happy Birthday (and I do, with much love - so VERY much love, in fact) but I think today is a good day to recognize you, too.

A year ago your life change irrevocably. Of course, it had already begun changing - but this. This was when it became truly real - all those hopes and worries and planning-fors. On this day you became a mother. And all that means. I didn't realize, really, what this meant until a few months later.

It was then I realized what had truly happened and I became someone who did not just feel incredibly blessed to be your friend - but was absolutely, dumbfoundedly in awe of you. You have entered the world of motherhood with such grace. I don't get to see you with Adaela often, but when I have there is no question who her mama is. You can see the tie between you as if it were a ribbon running through the air. You so effortlessly pull her toward you, so easily hold her. She seems to be almost a part of you, which of course she is. But I don't have to be there to know this is always true. Your voice sings with it. Your decisions and actions play it out for all to acknowledge. Your heart has grown a few sizes. :)

It's been a crazy year of trips and hips, of daycare and no care, of family and cousins and friends and balls. You have had your share of scary, nervous and crazy moments - but you seem to have the innate ability to power through them. To always put her first. To be able to take that deep breath and keep moving forward ...endlessly forward.

I don't know how to put the woman who has become such a wonderful mother into the proper words for you. So that you can see her, clearly. For you to truly be proud of her, the way I am.

I want so much for you to know how many times I draw strength from your example. How many times, near tears and exhausted, I have stood up to take that first step forward knowing that is what you would do, that it was the right thing to do. That I never have to be alone doing it.

I know this is rambling and the right words and phrases fail me terribly. I'm struggling and feel like I'm failing horrible at this so I'll end now.

Just, well, Happy First Anniversary of Being a Mother.

You've done so well. She's living proof. Proof of love. Of patience. Of kindness. Take just a second tomorrow to relish that. To take a small amount of credit for it. A large one, if you can bring yourself to.

And know that this mom, so far north - is glad she's found a guiding star in the south.

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Leslie Amick said...

Oh, thank you Misty! That was truly beautiful. I could not do this Mom thing with out you to laugh and cry with you.

You are a true friend and a beautiful Momma.

Love you,
Les and Adaela