Wednesday, April 08, 2009


My girl (again, forgive my tardiness),

Eight months. We waited nine for you to get here, how is it possible you've already been with us that long? But, oh - I look at you and it feels as if it should have been longer by now. You have grown so. You are blossoming into the most wonderful, most gracious, most empathetic child; who is hopelessly willful and stubborn and ornery as well.

You have the most hilarious tendencies now - the way you tilt your head when ask where my sweetie girl is.... the way you squint your eyes into half moons of joy when you get caught doing something you're to supposed to.... but my favorite, my absolute FAVORITE is how you clap your hand with sheer joy and raise your arms in a 'hooray!" when you hear your favorite music or we sing together.

Oh, the singing. I have known since your first cry that your voice might be the sweetest sound I might ever hear - but now you have toped yourself. That sound, that joyous slight precious sound of your "la-la's" as you raise your little voice to melody. Oh, my. Just the thought now as I type has me smiling ear to ear.

Of course, you did have a rough spell there. A week where you just did.not.sleep. You were sick, and maybe teething (though Daddy and I hesitate to say that as we've been saying it since November and you've yet to sprout a chomper). And you just refused to lay down and rest. And it seemed even at night sleeping was hard for you. You spent quite a few nights up from 2:30am to 5, bouncing you and singing to you and just in general trying to comfort you. Oh, your tears are your Daddy's and my kryptonite. Nothing wakes us up quicker then your little whimper, or worse a full out cry.

But we got through. We always do. I truly believe the three of us can do anything.

But more importantly, this was the month of you learning to hold yourself up and walk along the couch, of you and I on the floor as you struggled to scooch across the rug. The month of songs and singing and you regularly calling for mommmma and dada. And raspberries! Oh, you love to give (and recieve) raspberries. Or just spit one out in response to any number of situations. It has been a month of singing and dancing and a lot of "hoorahs!"

Just this week you've started tilting your head with a sweet smile across your face in response to "where's my sweetie girl?" Oh, my love. You have captured our hearts even more, and I didn't think this was possible. Watching you come into your own, find your voice - learn to really communicate with the world around you.... well. I feel blessed to be a part of it all.

I love you my darling, daring girl. With every day that passes, I just find more reasons to. To hold you. To laugh with you. To walk with you, my fingers grasped tightly in your own.

Please know every single moment since you've been here with us has been a gift, and I can't wait for all the moments to come.

your mama


Leslie Amick said...

Oh, Maire! Why must you grow up so fast?!?

Brandi said...

Oh man. This made me tear up...