Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We Interrupt Cute Baby ...

for a short political rant.

So, McCain, Sarah Pallin, huh? Interesting choice. I must say I'm a little miffed as it seems you chose a woman just to sway some votes. I'm also a bit miffed you chose Sarah, honestly - when there are so many women who have better/more experience. But I get it - she lines up with the whole pro-life/NRA madness ticket. So, well, okay. I see the logic.

And, um, women of my country? I have just about had it. I'm sad for us. Sad that we're attacking Sarah the way we are. Insinuations of how she's (or her being chosen) is a sign of feminism being set back in some way. Of how it's some large statement having to do with men running things - of how she is, in essence, the political version of a trophy wife.

Not to mention the questioning of her as a mother. Whether she should be in public office or not, what with the five kids and all.

It makes me sick to my stomach. Really, American Women? SERIOUSLY?

I'm not voting for McCain. I find a lot of his stances (and Ms. Pallin's) atrocious. But I will say people are doing her a huge mis-service. She's not some woman who happened to be at the Burger King when McCain was on his way to the convention center to announce his choice in Ohio. She's not some throw in.

And, please, she does have some experience. Enough? I don't think so. But before we go all crazy liberal - let's just take a deep breath and admit she actually has more executive experience than Obama. (This is where I totally hang myself and say that Hilary wasn't exactly a shining example of experience either - you know. 'Cause, well, being married to the guy in charge does not experience make.)

I guess what I'm saying is we can harangue her all we want, but I find it deplorable. Does she know there were more experienced - and dare I say better - choices for the VP nomination? Sure. But my guess is she's honored to be chosen, and ready to make history. That she sees this as an opportunity to change the tide and become a shining example of what a woman can accomplish.

And I say, well, if she gets that far? More power to her.

For us to dissect her and call her an affront to women's accomplishments in politics (and society in general) is just shameful. It makes me angry.

I think sometimes we forget - it's just as bad to be an extreme trash-talking liberal as it is to be the same as a conservative. Let's just all take a breath, appreciate the history of our times (whether it's happening how we hoped or not) and then do the research needed to choose the right candidates to make our country what we truly know it can be.

I'll be voting for Obama, myself.

However, Sarah? I wish you strength. You're going to need it.

And just in case you thought I could do a whole entry baby-free?

Um, yeah. No way. She's just too cute! (And in case you're wondering, she supports Obama, too.)


SS said...

Beauty and Brains. Genius!

I love you both.

Leslie Amick said...

thank you Misty on behalf of me and my daughter. I love you for your grace, balance, and hope.

LINDA ANNE said...

I must admit I am thrilled with the Sarah Palen choice. Of course I am pro life and H is pro NRA, so we are ok with her. Also think it will be great to have a mother in that position. Not much different from any other working mom. Anyway that baby of your's is a doll, I can't wait to see her. Love you all, Linda

Jamie said...

I do agree that she is being subject to intense personal scrutiny-unfair? In some ways, perhaps. But asking the questions of her experience and motives doesn't necessarily scream anti-woman to me. Really, I think it's just the political-ness of this decision that really irks me. She was chosen to rally the base...plain and simple. McCain spoke to her exactly twice before announcing his "choice." And as much as her personal life is off the table (as I agree it should be) it's pretty tough to ignore the beautiful irony that is her pregnant kid as a model of that abstinence education platform the neo-con kids are so crazy about lately. True she has more executive experience than Obama...and McCain. Neither have executive experience, right? Plus the fact that she just got her passport last year does nothing for my confidence that she could lead our country.

One in every three VP's has become president...that's just a little too close for comfort, in my opinion.

Also, if we are treating her "fairly" she is rightly being thrown to the wolves...no man alive would be spared that. My prediction is that she'll show herself as one tough cookie or fold like a book.

Should be interesting, if nothing else!

~m said...

ha. i agree, jamie. only i don't think it's unfair. i think it's just shameful people - women,specifically - are holding her as some sort affront to feminism.

as for the scrutiny in general? well, that's just part of the game.