Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Uber guest post

Hey everyone, how's it going? Long time no guest post. Sam's back to show off his girls and good times.

First, we'll start with last night's festivities! Samaire got to go to her first Mets game and she LOVED it!

Started in right field.

Then made it to the luxury suite!

Thanks Chris! She loved it so much, she made sure to wave goodbye... only to you.

Jose... Jose... Jose... Jose... Jose.... Jose. Reyes with the big hit! Santana throws a gem.

Feeding on the go... AT the stadium. Well done.

METS WIN!!! Woo-hoo. Everyone's happy headed home. Not a single cry the whole game. She lourves her Mets.

Also, just wanted to mention that Misty IS in fact the greatest mother on the planet. No offense to my own wonderful mom and those lovely mothers who check out this little blog, but none of you hold a candle to Mist. It's no mistake that Samaire's such a great kid. I've never seen Misty shine like she has the last 6+ weeks. She's absolutely amazing. Babe, I love ya.

Thanks babe.

Now, I could post pics of Samaire and Misty all day... and I've been lacking, so I'll do some updated photo posts later. But for now... I leave you with the glory that is R-Mac and me. Look for it in theaters next spring.

Thai whiskey anyone?!?!

No? Perhaps Rum Jumbie is more to your liking!

Feel dirty... me too. Cleanse your pallet with this.

Yes, she's THAT cute.


Jamie said...

Mets baby pics: Amazing!

Ryan and Sam pics: DISTURBING.

Are you guys drinking rum out of a bottle shaped like a dude?!

This is what happens when Ryan roams NYC alone...with Sam:)

Brandi said...

Ooh, yeah, it's like you're drinking out of Aunt Jemima's man-friend.

~m said...

J- I'm sorry. But I was busy protecting the child. :)