Friday, March 17, 2006


Ya'll. I have had THE most exhausting couple weeks and I'm here to tell you what's sad.

What's sad is, the reason I'm so tired? The thinking. People, I feel like I have run a marathon EVERY DAY for the past SEVEN DAYS (only 5k-ers the days before that) and at most I've actually only walked three blocks each day. It's tragic. I'm sitting here at work, struggling to stay at wake at the inane and very UNeventful hour of 11am, not in a meeting but pleasantly at my desk and it's not because I stayed up late doing fun things, or have been running or working out or physically accomplishing ANYTHING, but rather it's because I have been forced to THINK, and THINK CLEVERLY for too many days in a row.

I'm not sure what it means. OR what this says about me other than I am no longer clever enough to write a blog entry without CAPITALIZING EVERYTHING. But anyway, its gone well. The work, that is. In case you were wondering if my absence here was unwarranted. I gave my first big presentation as part of this company to a HUGE (see, there I go again) client with 1.6 million dollars on the line and I did well. My boss' boss even emailed me to tell me so and that felt good. Alas, this doesn't mean I'm finished, but that the work shall continue at a break neck pace for the next few months. But it's good work, and I'm up for that.

It's the THINKING I'm not up for. Apparently the parts of my brain that design are NOT the parts that conceptualize campaigns, write snarky and smart lines and develop entire personas.

Those parts? They're sore and tired, and ready to sit back relax and let the other parts take over and just make things pretty for a while. In the meantime, I'll be here, head on desk - waiting for the alarm on my iPOD to wake me for lunch.


cgilch said...

Hahaha! Misty snoozing is funny.

Leslie said...

I am glad to here you are surviving. You were on my mind this morning. I miss you!