Friday, December 02, 2005

Take All the Sky You Need

I've been playing this song a lot this week. I worked almost 60 hours, which means that not only am I tired, I miss my husband.

This song reminds me of him - of us. I remember the first time I heard it I thought it was perfect - it was the two of us, with all our plans and hopes. Lives stretched out in front of us, filled with dreams and wishes and concrete foundations.

I always thought meeting the love of my life would go hand in hand with abandoning those foundations; compromising those dreams. And then, I met Sam - and it wasn't so much about compromising as knowing I could run as far as I wanted and never be behind. Explore and build and know I was never alone. I feel like what we have is right because, among other reasons, we *both* feel like that.

That we have all the sky we need.


You turn a blue eye to me
and you look right through me
You said, “Define what you think
freedom means, if you want freedom”

“’Cause we can wake up this lullaby town –
and burn through every red light we found
lift a dustcloud, break the speed of sound
We could break free…”

“If you want to run,
I’ll pack my suitcase
and if you want to stay,
I’ll make a front door key
and if you need space
to fly free,
take all the sky you need”

If I stand on the rooftops
I look down on my story
and it swallows me
Beyond the horizon
the tail lights, the glory
will you follow me?

I need to know who I am
I’m like a moth in your hand
Sweet freedom
Do I fly or stand
Or fall on my knees?

One good woman
makes a one woman man
She’ll keep your head straight
keep you walking a plan
You dream too big
the crystal ball breaks
Never turn your back
on a woman who waits

Thanks, Ellis Paul. You rock.

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