Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kid Icarus!

That's the name of Sam's new video iPOD. He won it at his company Christmas party and is, to say the least, very excited. (I am insanely jealous, by the way.) He has right to be excited, though, we have had a 40 gig iPOD for a few years now, but - being the only child I am, I refused to share it.

So now he has a new shiny full-color one all his own! He shall soon know the ultimate love of the iPOD owner. This is what he gets for making fun of me all this time! :)

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Kid Icarus said...

I rock... that's right people it's me, the Kid... Kid Icarus! I'm one of the coolest things Sam owns. He's a very nice owner and his wife is HOT! So, life is good... Come visit me and bask in the glow of my full color screen!