Monday, November 07, 2005

My Maid of Honor

I sat there, in the passenger side of her car, as I had all week. I felt totally normal there, and a part of me had completely forgotten we no longer lived in the same city. I sat there, in my bridal brattiness, tired and exhausted and missing my fiancé.

And she took my hand and looked at me, eyes brimming with tears, and told me everything would be okay. Not just now, but always. It would work out. Because Sam and I loved each other, and we were not alone in the madness. "We're fighting for you. You'll never be on your own. You'll always have us."

And then *my* eyes brimmed with tears and we shrugged and laughed it off like it was ridiculous, and who were those sappy girls?! But inside, my heart swelled.

And now, looking back at all the moments, all the precious things that whipped by at lightening speed . . . This is one I know I will never forget.

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