Friday, November 04, 2005

Home again, Home again

I'm not sure what to say - other than I have been so very blessed. The week of the wedding was amazing and time and time again I found words failed me in expressing my gratitude for everything everyone did for us. We have the most wonderful friends and family ever.

And today, officially, Sam and I started work again. And as much as I hated doing it, as much as I would have killed for just one more day - it's nice somehow. Knowing that in many ways this is our first day. Our first real, normal day married. And I already love it. Marriage didn't change anything really, and yet, everything's different. And now, when I do something to annoy Sam and he calls me on it I get to look at him and say "FOOOOOOOORRRRR-EV-EEERRRRR!!!"

Which really made all the madness totally worth it.

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