Friday, May 13, 2005

Part 2

My job was to take the photos. The evidence of this misplaced task was later revealed - as the photos, starting off clear and well composed, slowly got more blurred and haphazard as the day wore on. Alas, champagne is *not* the ultimate photographer's companion.

But that day was sunny and bright, and happiness was shining from all our faces. Joe and Carrie were the first of "us" to get married, and it seemed in no small way they were guaranteeing all of us a chance at forever. That somehow, their promise of eternity was going to carry through to all our friendships. We were jubilant.

I had followed everyone around taking snapshots until I was sure the groom might smack me. I decided to go ahead and sit down, claim my good spot on the end of a pew, to get everyone One.More.Time. as they stepped down the aisle.

Sam, one of the groomsman, stopped me halfway down the aisle - insisting I be escorted like everyone else. More specifically that he escort me, as it was his "duty of the day." As we walked back to the beginning and started once more down the aisle, the videographer asked us to stand in for the couple.

"Could you guys come here for a second? Sam, stand here. Misty, walk down the aisle like you're the bride . . .yeah, that's it. Now could you stand together here for a moment while I set up the shot?"

I remember there being sarcastic vows and faces made. I remember sauntering innapropriately down the aisle, and Sam taking my hands in earnest joking fashion. I don't remember now exactly what we said. I remember we had fun with it and laughed. How we joked we were really married for months later.

I never did get my proper escort down the aisle. But that will come a mere six months from now, and Sam will be waiting at the end, just has he was all those four years ago.

Only I'm sure this time, I will remember what we say.

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