Monday, May 02, 2005

Part 1:

I knew him only as someone everyone else knew. He was around when I was gone, he was in Kansas when I was in Florida . . . Our paths never quite crossed. I heard tell, though. I'd come back and my friends would be hilariously doing what they did best, finding ways to set him up, friends he would love . . .I met him as the guy they loved and wanted their friends to date. I thought that was sweet. I had no interest in being that friend.

Our first "real" meeting was at a James Taylor concert. We all met and then reconvened at my house to save everyone long drives home. I remember pointing to my shag rug on the carpet and introducing him to his bed for the night. And then, not long after, retiring to my room - door shut - and throwing a pillow over my head while trying desperately to get some sleep. I had work in the morning.

The next I saw him we got married.

For the first time.

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