Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Montana in February: Calving at the ranch

We had a blast at the ranch. We met Dave and went up to help my parents during calving season and well, we'll use any excuse to get up there. Maire LOVED it and so did Misty and I. Worked hard, played hard and had a great time. Thanks mom and dad for putt'n us up. Now, on to the pics!

Checking on heifers at 3 a.m. makes you crazy... or crazier.

Tough to say if we love the ranch more in the summer or winter. Helluva winter wonderland.

Always work to do on the ranch.

Well, maybe not always.

Talula (the heifer mom and dad gave us for xmas) needed some help giving birth to Campbell Elmo (A compromise after I wanted to name it Mmmm-mmm-good and Maire said "ELMO") Crazy story of getting that little girl out. Short version is make sure the gate's closed, pull like hell and there's something special when you can save something's life.
In the end, mama and calf are doing great.

Come sled with me!

Ginger LOVES Samaire... she followed her like a puppy and gave kisses too.

Yeah, their valley is amazing.

Another engineer in the fam?!?!

We cut a ton of firewood. An amazing workout when you're the pack mule to lug it through the snow to the trailer. 

Or when you have to chuck it up a gully to the tractor.

Maire pulled clean up duty after we stacked it. EVERYONE works at the ranch.

But, then everyone relaxes after an amazing meal. A fair trade off.

Coloring with Papa!

Dave excels as both human and bovine uncle.

LOVE the ranch... LOVE my girls.

Maire had an insaine amount of fun sledding.

Saddly yes, it had to end. We all wish we were back. Hopefully soon!
Feel like you've missed out... oh, we'll calve again next year. Come join the fun!

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