Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Pics

Here are some pics from the past couple months. I'll try to throw them up in some order, but really this is just a catch up. Smooches to all.

Rock center tree

Um yeah, these dorks have fun together. :)

Is there anything bluer than her eyes? No, the answer is no.

Our girl loves the snow.

The teeth are coming in nicely thank you.

Full of Holiday Cheer indeed.

Her new bear... yes, it takes up 20% of our living room. It was a great Xmas.

Anyone else get a real cow for Xmas?

Sometimes she just likes to take a walk through Times Square.

Other times she walks through Grand Central.

And still other times she kicks it in Central Park. Basically, it's good to be a kid in NYC. Our girl owns this town.

Much love S&M&S.


Leslie Amick said...

Adaela freaked out looking at your pictures. We MUST get these two together again soon :)

Love you three,
Les, Andy, & Adaela

Brandi said...

Oh my God. That one in Times Square? So awesome.