Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elmo LoooOOooves you!

Maire has begun to really play with her stuffed animals now. She loves on them, pretends to give them bottles, dresses (undresses) them, even gives them her medicine and pretends to clean their noses.

It's amazing to watch... how this tornado of a child that runs through our apartment and down the sidewalk can be so absolutely gentle with her little stuffed friends. She puts them on her shoulder (like we carry her) and pats their behinds. She talks to them softly, brushes their hair, sings to them.

I love that she's so gentle, so loving. She BEAMS when we acknowledge how nice she is to her "babies." And, truth be told, I beam too. I feel like with all the small moments as a mom I must mess up, seeing her be so loving means I must be doing something right.

One Elmo is never enough.

No, seriously - are there more Elmos?

Kisses for Elmo.

Sweet dreams with Elmo.

Of course, she does love Elmo. LURVES him. But her favorites include Grover and Curious George (still. but now naked. poor George.) and her absolute favorite... the friend most likely to be carried - without dropping! - up to ten blocks, Bedtime Carebear.

Oh, my little girl. How I love you.

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em said...

Have you seen the elmo gloves?