Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gratuitous Pregnancy and Hilarity Photo, with a short Fare Well

This is Mike and Katy. We love them both. If you want to have one helluva a time on a four-plus-hour car ride, or even just dinner - they're the people to call. We saw them last Friday night, one of Katy's last nights in the city before she moved in search of better things.

I try not to think about how this won't be home for her anymore, how we won't just randomly see her every couple weeks. It's just too sad. When I moved here, Katy and I were friends in that distant sense of the word. Satellites around the same big things, tenuously connected to each other. But she took me under her wing from the start. Not a week went by she didn't call or come by; she made this great, big place feel a lot more like home.

I still have the subway map she gave me - all marked up with where I should live, where she and Nathan lived. Where I wasn't allowed to live.

I've been lucky in the six years since to be able to count Katy as one of my dearest friends. And as sad as I am she's moved, I'm so very excited for what awaits her.

Katy is just one of those people who's just really good at being a good friend. I'm not sure how else to explain it. All I do know and can explain is that our little New York family got just a tad smaller this week.

Katy, we miss you already.


Katy said...

miss you too

SS said...

Who will listen to my pervy talk now!?!?!