Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Leslie of the Caribbean

Last weekend was a great few days. Pretty much entirely attributed to those extra two people in that photo right up there.

It's the time of year for Les and Andy to come on back home and hang with those of us they left behind in the city when they moved down to paradise. And it's one of my favorite annual events. Sam and I miss those two like crazy, and the fun we have when they're around makes my cheeks hurt.

We usually spend the weekend eatting yummy food, seeing movies (usually involving Andy, Tracy and Sam laughing so hard and loud it gets to be as hilarious as the movies themselves) and generally just hanging out, talking and remembering why - yet again - New York City shouldn't be so very far away.

Not to mention that it seems Les and I have married very similar co-horts - and I, for but three days, can share glances across the table with a woman WHO KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I'M THINKING. And then we can each roll our eyes and/or smack the man next to us.

And I have to say, there really is nothing better than having friends you consider family come into town and stay awhile. My heart is always a little bit more full when they're here, and this city definitely feels more like home. When they leave, as they always do that Monday in September - there's a little empty space in this crowded city I have a real hard time explaining away.

But it's alright, cause tradition is tradition and we'll see them in October, for a fun-filled Bell family overloaded weekend at Disney. ('Cause, as I said, they are so very family.) So, Les and Andy? We miss you already - but we know it won't be long til we see you again. This time in your neck of the woods. So the missin' isn't so bad. We're practically packed already we're so looking forward to seeing you two again.

The question is - are YOU ready?

Or perhaps - are my parents truly prepared for the four of us?!

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Leslie said...

Ahhh I love you!! It was so great to see you both. Your are very much family to us too! I am so glad you put the "creepy hand" picture up and the pirate princess pic. Good times....Good times :)