Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Camera!

My parents got us a birthdays/anniversary/christmas/all holidays in the coming year gift this week: a brand new shiny digital Nikon D80.

Sweet Jesus, is it fab.

They wanted to give it to us for our Southeast Asia trip, and knowing we would need lots of practice and had a lot to learn they gave it to us now. And it. is. awesome. Last summer they gave us our point and shoot which is UNBELIEVABLY great - I had a hard time imagining this camera could be even better, just that we could do more with it, but it *does* take the most beautiful shots . . . I'm ready to quit my day job and become a photographer already!

(Um, yes, it's only day two. Perhaps I'll wait a bit before making THAT career move.)

We've barely figured out any of the fancy stuff, but I've managed to take a couple shots. You know, of the things I love most. . . .

Expect lots of photos of our lives and favorite people, places and things for the next few entries . . . .

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