Monday, March 26, 2007

The Best Vacation We Never Took

So, no Scotland. Every flight out of Newark that night was cancelled. We did, however, get the full airport experience by waiting in line for two and a half hours trying to catch a bus back to Manhattan in the sleet and cold. Awesome.

But! Regardless of the lost trip - the adventure was still had. Dave stayed all weekend, and Amy took the train at midnight to Penn Station and we had a grand time. I spent all day Saturday swearing I was too tired and cold to go out, and then ended up finding the company was too good all day long to bail. I believe we all crashed to sleep at last at 3am Sunday morning.

You know you have good friends when missing out on a Scotland trip doesn't seem so bad. (There will be pictures forthcoming.)

Things here, while they haven't exactly slowed down, have gotten managable. And this week teems with great fun and potential blog-matter.

May, Mikki and I are going wig shopping soon ( I want one and fully intend on relying heavily on all advice they have offered to give on what color and style is best). And as if buying a wig and fancy fake eyelashes isn't enough - we're all going out to hear our friend Doug's band play Thursday night - when I'll be wearing the aforementioned wig.

Oh so fab.

That night is also my friend Steven's going away party - which, while sad he's moving all the way to the other side of the world, is tremendously happy as it's SUCH a great oppostunity for him and his wife. AND Sam and I are already looking for tickets to go visit them in the fall. Singapore for Thanksgiving! Woot!

AND (it just doesnt stop!) we have a friend getting married (a girl I work with) on Friday. And Work Weddings are always the BEST. Even better, we get to all get super fancy dressed up, drink, and dance and make general fools of ourselves with some of the coolst people we know.

It's a week worth waiting for, I tell you. Hands down.

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Leslie said...

Hi Love! Thank you for your help with my crazy family. You are the best!